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     I was just thinking of one way you could be helpful to some citizens:

     Let people have more options when they select SINGLE in their RELATIONSHIP STATUS setting.

     Let them elaborate: Available, Readily Available, Desperately Available and MAYDAY.

     Some persons in distress because they are having no luck in the romance department could select MAYDAY more comfortably than expressing their feelings in other ways.

     Friends could learn of the person’s distress and also know the reason for it.

     Just be sure to add explanations for each option, and carefully craft an explanation for MAYDAY calculated to prevent the use of it as an excuse for locking the person up in a mental institution and drugging the person. If a man needs a Lady in Red, the last thing he needs is the Men in the White Suits. Involuntary hospitalization not only is a police state measure, it conveys an extremely insulting message: “You’re crazy if you think you ought to be able to get a date once in a while.” Faced with the danger of forced hospitalization, some persons would follow the advice on New Hampshire license plates.

     Write something like Use MAYDAY if you haven’t been having any luck and it bothers you. Not only would you cover everybody’s ass, you’d reflect the reality that a person’s distress can be serious whilst still far from life-threatening.

     Let other websites offer advice to persons calling MAYDAY and to persons answering the call.

This issue is more important now that some persons who are having no luck in the Romance Department are being recruited by DAESH. To them, this is a DAESH recruiting video.

     You could also allow the user to set the status to appear on his or her main Facebook page.

“You know, honey, something is troubling our teenager, but I just can’t figure it out. They say sometimes people send out hints. Let’s check the kid’s Facebook page and see if we can spot some subtle clue.”

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